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»Together We Can Make A Difference!«

We believe that everyone must contribute to creating a better world – both in terms of the environment and our fellow human beings. We are working in our daily activities to contribute to a sustainable future by reducing paper consumption, recycling and by using eco-friendly goods as far as possible. In our comprehensive environmental and responsibility policies, our suppliers too must weigh environmental considerations in everything from business travel and transport, to the choice of materials. In recent years we have conducted a number of charity projects together with our collaborative partners under the slogan “Together We Can Make A Difference™”.

2022: Young Innovators

This year we have chosen to become an Innovation Friend (Innovationsvän) at Young Innovators (Unga innovatörer). As experts in intellectual property law, we want to support and encourage the next generation to develop their creativity, problem solving and innovation thinking in order to contribute to a better world.

For over 40 years, Young Innovators have complemented the school’s mission with free tools and processes for training and developing the ingenuity of middle school and high school students by creating a product or service from idea to finished innovation.

Middle school students can complete the “Innovation Journey” where they can learn to find a solution to an everyday problem or in high school complete “Innov8” which is adapted for project work and to challenge students. They then have the opportunity to participate in Young Innovator’s annual innovation competition.

The Alumni network is for everyone who has participated in Young Innovators’ activities during their school years where they receive help to take their ideas to the next level and present their innovation to interested companies in “Matchmaking” and create their own model or prototype in “Maker Camps”.

2022: UNHCR’s humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

Benders skänker 100 000 SEK till UNHCR:s arbete i Ukraina — Benders

We at Groth & Co believe that everyone must contribute to a better world. We have, therefore, made a donation to the UNHCR who is on the ground in Ukraine.

The UNHCR is giving humanitarian aid to those who need it during the crisis and helping refugees by providing food, clean water and a roof over their heads.
Another example of generosity and compassion is the Akelius Foundation, which will double all donations to the UNHCR and UNICEF during March.

Our thoughts are with all the innocent people in Ukraine.

2021: Children’s rights in society

As we and everyone around us are still affected by the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in society being locked down and forcing us to stay home to reduce the spread of infection, it feels important for us at Groth & Co to pay attention and help children in vulnerability. Throughout 2021, we will therefore support and donate money to Bris and their work for children’s rights in society. Many children have been affected by the disappearance of safe routines and that social isolation has become commonplace – the need to be able to get support quickly has never been more important than in these times. We will donate a sum corresponding to the amount we have spent on our reception in previous years in connection with the INTA conference. We will also donate a sum for each participant at our seminars throughout the year in favour of supporting Bris.

Bris, Children’s rights in society, is one of Sweden’s leading children’s rights organizations that fights every day for a better society for children. A talk with Bris can be crucial and save lives. Bris also provides advice and help to adults who have questions about children and young people up to the age of 18.

2020: Fighting the Coronavirus

The year 2020 has so far been greatly affected by the global spread of the new Coronavirus and the disease Covid-19. It is therefore obvious that our commitments and funds during this year should be directed towards fighting this pandemic. We have chosen to contribute to the Red Cross and their international work in connection with the corona virus. Since the spread of the virus has prevented us from organizing our intended seminars and our reception during the cancelled INTA conference, this year we have instead chosen to donate a sum that is in line with the annual donations we have made over the past 10 years.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian network with presence in 192 countries. Through its international network of volunteers, the organization can assist with a variety of efforts in many affected countries. For example, during the current corona crisis, the Red Cross is working to relieve the medical care, assist with medical transports and distribute protective equipment, as well as to provide information and psychosocial support to people in need.

2019: Missing People

Throughout 2019, we have chosen to contribute to Missing People and their mission to assist families and the police in finding missing people. For each participant at our seminars throughout the year, as well as at our reception during the INTA conference, we donate funds to support the activities of Missing People. We also assist Missing People pro-bono with IP and legal advice.

Missing People is a Swedish non-profit organization that assists relatives and the police in finding missing people. The organization was founded in Gothenburg in 2012, and today has more than 300 professionally trained volunteers who are planning and arranging search parties for people who have disappeared. With 25 regional departments, Missing People is present allover Sweden. All of their search efforts are confirmed and approved by both relatives and the police before initiated.

2018: Development work focusing on innovation and education

Throughout 2018, we chose to contribute to We Effect and their long-term development work, focusing on innovation, education and financial aid. For each participant at our seminars throughout the year, as well as at our reception during the INTA conference, we donate funds for people around the world to find a way out of poverty. Our commitment ensured that 730 women in Cambodia got the education to join a savings and loan group.

We Effect is an aid organization that has been thinking and acting long-term since 1958 – to achieve permanent changes. Help to self-help is the guiding principle in their work in 25 countries in four continents. Their efforts are mostly focused on rural development, housing, gender equality and access to land.

2017: Funding doctors in Syria

In connection with the INTA conference in Barcelona in 2017, we chose to contribute to make living conditions better in the human disaster caused by the civil war in Syria. For each guest attending our reception during the conference, we chose to fund a doctor on site in Syria for one today. In total, this led to us funding a doctor in Syria for several months. The doctor works for the Red Cross. The Red Cross are on-site at different locations around Syria with mobile clinics, emergency services and ambulances to provide people with necessary medical care and medicines.

2016: Saving the polar bear in Greenland

At INTA Conference in Orlando, we had reception at ICEBAR Orlando and chose to donate a sum of money per guest to our partner WWF to save the polar bear. The money was used to start up a polar bear patrol in the village Ittoqqortoormiit in Greenland. Climate change affects sea ice that melts rapidly and decreases yearly. Polar bears are dependent on sea ice to go hunting and to travel on to and from the den. When sea ice melts earlier and earlier each spring, more and more polar bears become stuck on land and will not reach the hunting ground where the seals are, which leads to starvation. During the past few years, more and more “stranded” polar bears go to villages to look for food, often garbage. This means more and more meetings between polar bears and humans, and therefore the risk that someone will be damaged, and at worst killed (often the polar bear is killed), increases. WWF has been working with the polar bear patrols in Russia, Canada and Alaska and their task is to decrease the number of confrontations between the polar bears and humans.

2015: Donating laying hens in Kenya

CSR 2015

At the INTA conference in San Diego, we chose to donate one laying hen per guest at our reception, to the rural people of Kenya. A laying hen may, in addition to providing a supply of eggs on the table, generate a good income in short time. If the family sells some of the chickens and the eggs that the hen will lay, it can create money for necessary purchases and school fees. By helping families get out of poverty this way, society at large develops. The children get the opportunity to go to school and can then be involved in and influence the development of their countryside region. Our partner this year was Eriks Development Partner.

2014: Starting business in Kenya


During this year’s INTA conference in Hong Kong we hosted a reception for clients and partner organizations at the restaurant The Pawn. Our aim with the reception this year was to fight poverty by stimulating entrepreneurship. And more precisely to educate and assist women of Kenya to start their own businesses and become self-supporting. Therefore, for every attending guest we would donate funds that would be used to create sustainable businesses among poor rural people in Kenya. The money has been handed over to our partner organization Hand In Hand to get the project started. Hand In Hand has a model for business creation that includes group creation, education, funding and scale up activities. You can read more about the model on Hand In Hand’s website. Due to a great number of attendees at our reception we were able to start 50 new businesses!

2013: Building water ponds in Kenya

CSR 2013

At the INTA conference in Dallas, Texas, we hosted a reception for clients and partner organizations at the Dallas World Aquarium. The theme for this year’s reception was that for every attending guest we would donate funds to build water ponds in Mashuru, Kenya, with our collaborative partner Eriks Development Partner. The water ponds are used to collect water for farming and come with an easy-to-use irrigation system. In building these, we help creating sources of livelihoods for the Maasai people, and to help them grow nutritious vegetables. A single pond covers the needs for one entire village and a school. Due to a great number of attendees we were able to build eight ponds!

2012: Building a school kitchen in Uganda

CSR 2012

At the INTA conference in Washington DC in 2012 we arranged a reception for customers and colleagues and donated a sum of money for each guest attending to build a school kitchen in the village of Kaswa in Uganda with our collaborative partner, Eriks Development Partner. Some 400 orphans and children from the ages of 4 to 14, whose parents cannot afford to pay the school fees, currently attend the school. A school kitchen means that these 400 and many more in the future will have a wholesome breakfast and lunch every day. The new kitchen will improve the quality of the food and the working environment for kitchen staff. It will reduce the school’s catering costs by over 50 percent.

2011: Digging a water well in Mali

CSR 2011

At the INTA conference in San Francisco in 2011, we chose to donate a sum of money for each person present to a water well in Mali, together with Erikshjälpen. Our well is dug in the area of Tiakadougou-Faraba, a rural area where the population is totally dependent on agriculture and is self-sufficient. The supply of drinking water has been very limited for many years, especially during the long dry season that extends over eight months of the year. The well has three major advantages: 1. It ensures access to water throughout the year. 2. It provides guaranteed clean drinking water by protection from pollutants. 3. The well is fenced off and thereby eliminates the risk of children or animals falling into it. People who would otherwise become sick or, even worse, die from polluted water can now enjoy clean drinking water.

2009: Plant trees around Lake Victoria

CSR 2009

It was in 2009, at the INTA conference in Seattle, that our CSR commitment began. Instead of handing out gifts that might end up in the waste-paper basket, we wanted to give something more meaningful. At our reception, we promised to plant one tree for each guest present. Together with Vi-Skogen – an aid organization that started in 1983 – we planted 352 fast-growing trees around Lake Victoria in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. The trees prevent erosion and fertilize the soil, which results in increased harvests of crops such as beans and corn.


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