IP strategy for a global startup

"It has been a pleasure working with Groth regarding our IP strategy and we look forward to continuing our cooperation in the years to come. With cost-efficiency as the basic idea, their professional employees have guided us in what we feel is a healthy strategy given our company’s prerequisites."
May 2017
Airinum AB

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Airinum is a Swedish startup that manufactures and sells anti-pollution masks

Airinum is a Swedish startup that empowers individuals to breathe clean air by offering innovative products that intersect functionality and design, catered to urban citizens all over the world. Their Urban Air Mask is a fashion accessory with state of the art technology to tackle pollution issues.

Airinum has a global market from day one, focusing on Asia

The facial mask is designed, developed and tested in Sweden, but the most important markets are pollution heavy cities in Asia. Therefore, their key-markets are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Being a startup company with a global market creates a challenging business problem – their need for global IP is extensive, but their access to capital is limited. In our strategic work, we have taken into special consideration their global market but limited funds.

We assisted Airinum with a global IP strategy and ongoing advice

Our work started with a strategical workshop with Airinum. During the workshop we discussed important business matters such as business plans and objectives, prioritized markets, competitors and marketing strategy. The result from these discussions were then applied when discussing strategical use of IP.

As a result of the workshop, we delivered a report to the client helping them in prioritizing their money spent on IP in relation to future scope of protection. This included both geographical priorities as well as priorities between different forms of IP. Our report also included an IP Action Plan for the next 12 months.

Moving forward, we handle Airinum’s IP portfolio globally, assisting the clients in a number of IP matters such as trademark and design applications, enforcement actions and further strategic advice.


Stefan Cahling

European Trademark and Design Attorney

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