Patent strategy for Artificial Intelligence in MedTech

"We have put great value on Mathias' work, because it is important for us to be able to conduct commercial activities based on our technical development."
Jul 2018
ContextVision AB



ContextVision’s technology helps doctors to interpret medical images

ContextVision is a Swedish MedTech company that specializes in image analysis and artificial intelligence. The company is a global market leader in image enhancement and delivers image processing to OEM manufacturers within ultrasound, MRI, X-ray and mammography worldwide.

We assisted ContextVision with patent strategy for their new AI technology

We assisted ContextVision with strategic considerations regarding patents as the company developed new technology. Namely, Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially deep learning, used to automatically optimize image quality. Clinical assessments from the expert are used to train the AI to automatically correct and change system parameters for better image quality. This makes it possible to optimize the image quality for each individual patient.

This is a very research-intensive area with a rapid development, which is challenging when making investments decisions. In this environment, our task was to analyze the patent landscape and give advice how to design patents that protect this new technology.

Our work included a Freedom-to-Operate analysis, strategy and drafting

As background to the strategical discussions, we performed a freedom-to-operate search and analysis (FTO), with a focus on mapping competitor’s activities. This was important both for future research and innovation but also for future patent work.

Based on the FTO, we could give the client advice on the current IP situation, as well as how to use and design patents in this new area of technology and business. We then drafted and filed patent applications for this AI technology in the US and Japan.

The U.S. patent application has now been granted and ContextVision therefore holds a patent for its AI application in their main market.

We have put great value on Mathias’ work, because it is important for us to be able to conduct commercial activities based on our technical development. The area is extensive, complex and moving fast, and we have therefore greatly benefited from the help of assessing the patent situation. Mathias is extremely knowledgeable and has a very good understanding of the technology, which made it easy to collaborate and come to conclusions.
/Anita Tollstadius, CEO, ContextVision


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