Global assignment of approx. 25,000 assets for Pfizer

"24,468 newly purchased IP assets should be coordinated in 130 countries."
Pfizer Inc.
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Pfizer became the world’s largest pharmaceutical company through an acquisition

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer aquired the former Pharmacia in 2002 and thereby took over an extensive and valuable IP portfolio. With the takeover, Pfizer became the world’s largest pharmaceutical company.

Pfizer needed to implement change of owner of 25,000 trademarks in 130 countries

In connection with the acquisition, Pfizer needed to register itself as the owner of the newly aquired IP assets with the local trademark authorities in 130 countries. This meant that 24,468 assets had to be assigned on a global market. We at Groth & Co were assigned to coordinate and execute all of the changes.

We coordinated and verified the entire project

Through our international network of partners, we created a global team of local IP law firms. By centralised coordination, instructions, and with the help of tools we had developed ourselves, each local agency was assigned to make the changes in their jurisdiction. All of the work done locally was administrated and controlled by us before reported to Pfizer. The project involved thousands of official documents, and each market has its own set of rules that needed to be considered. Extensive work of this type is done to secure the global control and the value of the assets. Pfizer was able to strengthen and optimize its entire IP portfolio through our common effort.


Magnus Henning

Attorney at Law
Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)

Stefan Cahling

European Trademark and Design Attorney

Carolin Sundkvist

Managing Partner
Interim Head of Patent Dept.
Head of Administration & Finance

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